ultra trail serra da freita



XVII Ultra Trail Serra da Freita is a Trail Running event.
It will take place in Serra da Freita. The athlete will venture along some of the most beautiful trails of Arouca, Vale de Cambra and S. Pedro do Sul.

1.1. Age limit for participation for the races

UTSF 100K; USF65K; TSF31K – older than 18 years
MTSF16K – older than 15 years

1.2. Regulated registration

Registration on the XVII Ultra-Trail Serra da Freita assumes full acceptance of the herein established rules.

1.3. Physical conditions

To participate it is indispensable:
To be aware of the race’s distances and difficulties thru trails and its elevation, and still be physically and mentally prepared.

To have acquired, before the event, a mountain autonomy capacity that allows the management of problems that derive from this type of event, namely:
To be able to face adverse environmental and climatic conditions (wind, cold, fog and rain) without external help.
Know how to manage physical or mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, minor injuries, etc.
Not to be accompanied by elements/athletes not enrolled in the race.
Follow the DGS (Portuguese National Health Department) rules in force on the date of the event.
Take all the mandatory material during the race.
Place your garbage in the proper places, located in the supply points/PAC’s.

1.4 External help

Support from the escorts or team members will be allowed at the supply posts/PAC’s and may never interfere with the other athletes in the competition.
The supporters/escorts will not have access to the food supplies in the supply points/PAC’s, that are for exclusive use of the athletes, these will only be handled by the staff members present.

1.5. Bib number placement

The bib number is personal and non-transferable and should be used in front of the body in a very visible way.
In case of withdrawal, disqualification or time bar the athlete is obliged to hand his bib number to the organization and can be requested to do so at the finish line.
In case of withdrawal it is obligatory to communicate the abandonment to the organization or its staff members on penalty of not participating in future editions.
to communicate the abandonment to the organization or its staff members on penalty of not participating in future editions.

1.6. Sports conduct rules

Inappropriate behaviour, such as the use of offensive language, verbal or physical aggression, as well as leaving trash on the trails and tracks will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification.

1.7 Communication / contact with the organization

Any contact with the organization should be made through this following email: confrariatrotamontestrail@gmail.com.

The organization will not be responsible for not responding to any other form of contact, namely: other organization's members emails, Facebook or other social network messages.

2.1 Event Presentation / Organization

Confraria Trotamontes in partnership with the City Council of Arouca will hold the Ultra Trail Serra da Freita 16th edition, to be held on 24 e 25 of June 2023, in Arouca.
This edition is incorporated in the ATRP Ultra Endurance Trail Circuit.
The event will comply with the current DGS (Portuguese National Health Department) rules.

The XVII Edition of the Ultra Trail Serra da Freita will consist on four races:

Parallel to the event there will be:
ExpoTrail da Freita - a sports material exhibition.

The XVII edition of the UTSF has as co-organizeres the municipality of Arouca and counts with the support of the Arouca Volunteer Firefighters, Escola de Montanha, Candal Party Commission and the Parish Council of Cabreiros and Albergaria da Serra.

All races start and finish at the Arouca Secondary School, located on Avenida 25 de Abril.
The races will take place on the 24th of June 2023.

The event will comply with the current DGS (Portuguese National Health Department) rules..

The Elite Trail Serra da Freita 100 km and the Ultra Trail Serra da Freita 65km races, both start at 6:00 am on June 24 with a duration of 29 hours (ending June 25 at 11:00 am).

Both run along paths and tracks of Serra da Freita.

The ETSF100 race has a competitive character with an approximate distance of 100 km and 6650 metres of positive climb/elevation.

The UTSF65 (Ultra)race has a competitive character with an approximate distance of 65 km and with 4096 metres of positive climb/elevation.

The TSF31 (Trail) starts at 8:00 am on June 24, 2023 and has a competitive character with an approximate distance of 31 km and with 1877 metres of positive climb/elevation.

The MTSF16 (Mini-Trail) starts at 9:00 am on June 24, 2023.

The participants must be prepared in advance, properly equipped and able to participate in the race. There will be a control for the Elite Trail 100km, Ultra Trail 65km, Trail 31km and Mini-Trail 1km which will open 30 minutes before each race and end 10 minutes before the start.

The organization will not stall the starts due to athlete delays.

10 minutes after the start of the race, the organization and its staff members will begin the withdrawal of the races marking tapes.

ITRA scoring/qualifying event.
Elite 100km – ITRA 5 Pontos;
Ultra 65km – ITRA 3 Pontos;
Trail 31km – ITRA 1 Ponto;

UTMB Qualifier
Elite 100km – Qualifier 100K;
Ultra 65km – Qualifier 100K;
Trail 31km – Qualifier 20K;
Mini-Trail 16km – Qualifier 20K;


2.2 Program / Schedule

Friday 23 of June:
18h30 – Opening Expotrail
19h00 – Opening Secretariat
21h30 – Briefing
23h00 – Closing Secretariat

Saturday 24 of June:
5h00 – Opening Secretariat
5h30 – PC 0 – Elite 100k and 65k
6h00 – Start: Elite 100km and Ultra 65k
7h30 – PC 0: Trail 29k
8h00 – Start: Trail 29k
8h30 – PC 0 – Mini-Trail 15k
9h00 – Start – Mini-Trail 15k
11h30- Prizes/Podium Mini-Trail 16k
12h30- Prizes/Podium Trail 31k
17h00- Prizes/Podium Ultra 65k
21h00- Prizes/Podium Elite 100k

Sunday 25 of June:
11h00 – Closing / Finish ETSF100 and UTSF65
11h30 – Event closure

2.3. Distance / Altimeter / ATRP Difficulty Categorization

Note: These data can be rectified up to one month before the event..

ETSF100K100km6650666029hTU L3
UTSF65K65km4096410029hTU M3
2.4 Map / Elevation profile / Track description

The tracks of the Ultra Trail Serra da Freita are composed of paths, trails, rivers, forest trails, secondary and main road roads, etc.
The participants must take the utmost attention when running on public roads, they will have to do so on the edges, taking the utmost care with the vehicles that circulate in them.
The participants must pay the maximum attention on the crossing of public roads.
The routes will be marked with ORANGE marking tape and plaques.

2.5. Time limits

To continue the race, athletes must leave the several checkpoints before the closing/time baring.
Otherwise, the baring will be made.
If the athlete decides to continue on the race is in his entirely responsibility, and in this way, he will have to hand the chip and bib number to the organization or staff members.
We warn/alert to the possibility of no longer finding signs, marking tapes when and after organization and its staff members lift the marking tapes as they pass.

2.6. Time control methodology

In all races an electronic chip-time control system will be used.
Every checkpoints will have an electronic rug or other device that will record the athletes passing.

2.7. Checkpoints

Along the track there will be several checkpoints. In some cases, the athletes will have to stop so their passage can be registered.
The athletes must respect the order of arrival to the checkpoint, the bib number must be visible and placed in front of the body.
The race will be in an open-road system, the athletes will have to follow the road rules/code and has to be responsible on the road passing.
The organization reserves the right to change in any way the track, the position of the checkpoints or supply points/PAC’s, without prior notice.

2.8. Supply points / PAC’s Locations and procedures

Supplies (food and beverages) can only be handled by staff members, the athletes must request what they want.
The support/team members (1 per athlete) will have to provide support outside the supply points/PAC.
Glasses, plates, bowls or cutlery will not be provided with Supplies. In order to protect the environment, we will not provide disposable utensils.

According to the measures in force, on the date of the event, participants may have to adopt other measures imposed by the DGS (Portuguese National Health Department).

ABS 1- Pedrogão (solid/liquid)
ABS 2- Cabreiros (solid/liquid)
ABS 3- Covelo de Paivô (solid/liquid)
ABS 4- Covas do Monte (solid/liquid)
ABS 5- Portal do Inferno (solid/liquid)
ABS 6- Póvoa das Leiras (solid/liquid)
ABS 7- Bondança (solid/liquid)
ABS 8- Lomba (solid/liquid)
ABS 9- Albergaria da Serra (solid/liquid)
Final - Food reinforcement (solid/liquid) and Meal

ABS 1- Pedrogão (solid/liquid)
ABS 2- Cabreiros (solid/liquid)
ABS 3- Bondança (solid/liquid)
ABS 4- Lomba (solid/liquid)
ABS 5- Albergaria da Serra (solid/liquid)
Final- Food reinforcement (solid/liquid) and Meal

ABS 1- Pedrogão (solid/liquid)
ABS 2- Coice da Mula (solid/liquid)
Final - Food reinforcement (solid/liquid) and Meal

ABS 1- Granja (solid/liquid)
Final – Food reinforcement (solid/liquid)

2.9. Mandatory material / Material checkpoints
Bib number visible
throughout the race
Water tankXXXX
Cup, bowl and cutlery
(They will not be
provided by the
Thermal blanketXXXX
cell phone
Essential jacket XXOptionalOptional
Front light + recharge XX

The organization and staff members will check with each athlete if they have the required material.
There will be material control during the race, this will be done randomly and in surprise places.
For each item/material missing the athlete will suffer a 2-hour penalty.
The facial mask must be used on the start line and along 200mt after, on arrival at the supply points/PAC’s.

2.10. clothes change

For the Elite Trail 100km there will be a clothes change about 60 km, in Póvoa das Leiras.
The bags will have to be handed in until the 5:30 am duly identified (organization will provide sticker with number and name).
The bags will be transported to the finish after the supply point is closed.
The organization is not responsible for the contents inside the bags.
The bags will only be delivered upon presentation of the athlete’s bib number.

2.11. Road passage information

Since there will be no road traffic cuts, participants must comply with traffic rules in localities and public roads, otherwise they will have to assume potential damages and indemnities resulting from their non-compliance.

2.12. Penalties / Disqualifications

The race board members and checkpoints staff are responsible for the application of the rules in this regulation, and as such are authorized to apply the penalties and disqualifications established in the table below.

Absence or refusal to submit mandatory material 2h Penalty for each item
Exceeding the checkpoints time limitsDisqualification
Miss one or more checkpoints Disqualification
Abandon the race without communicating to the organizationDisqualification / Inhibition to participate the in the
following year
Disobeying the security measures indicated by the
Bib number not visible (in front of the body,
preferably at the level of the chest)
15m Penalty for each warning
Use of unauthorized transportationDisqualification / Inhibition to participate the in the
following year
Pollutive conduct Disqualification / Inhibition to participate the in the
following year
Unsportsmanlike conduct (insults, aggression,
Disqualification / Inhibition to participate the in the
following year
Removing of race markingDisqualification / Inhibition to participate the in the
following year
2.13. Responsibilities to the athlete/participant

The participant assumes, in his own free will, the risks and the consequences arising from the participation in the event, may they be moral, physical or material damages or of any nature. The organization, as well as any of those involved in organizing the event, are exempt from liability.
Enrolment in the race will require full acceptance of this Regulation.

2.14. Medical assistance

In case the athlete considers that he needs medical assistance, he must proceed as follows:
- Request for support at the supply point/PAC;
- Request assistance from organization or staff members;
- Call the emergency phone numbers on the bib number;
- Call 112 (in this case the participant will be responsible for the expenses that the medical and transportation acts entail);

All Supply points/PAC’s have a first aid kit, there will be nurses strategically distributed in the supply points/PAC’s throughout the course.

2.15.Sports insurance

The organization contracts compulsory insurance, according to Decree-Law no. 10/2009 of January 12, for this type of race, and its premium is included in the registration fee. The payment of the insurance deductible, in the event of an accident, is the athlete’s sole responsibility.

The organization will not assume claims expenses, which it did not know in a timely manner to activate the insurance (24 hours after the end of the race).

3.1. Registration process (location, web page, payment method)

You can sign up through the specific form that is available in: StopandGo and get more information in Confraria Trotamontes webpage.

Any question regarding the registrations, the athletes should contact through the following email: confrariatrotamontestrail@gmail.com or to this phone number: +351 961732542.

From December 7, 2022 until June 12, 2023, all athletes who wish to participate can register if they accept the general terms of the regulation.
The closing of registrations can be brought forward in time if the limit of registrations is reached.
The proof of payment may be requested when lifting the bib number.
After registering, information will be sent about the various payment methods.

Elite Trail 100km
December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023 - 84 euros
February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023 - 90 euros
June 1, 2023 to July 15, 2023 - 100 euros

(It is possible to pay the total amount in two equal phases, in which case, a payment reference will be automatically issued to the athlete's email 30 days before the race; in case the athlete does not validate the second half payment -usually 3 days after receiving the payment referencehe will forfeit the amount spent on the first half payment of the registration fee, and will not be refunded.)

Ultra 65 km:
December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023 - 56 euros
February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023 - 60 euros
June 1, 2023 to July 15, 2023 - 70 euros

Trail 31k:
December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023 -28 euros
February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023 -30 euros
June 1, 2023 to July 15, 2023 - 35 euros

Mini-Trail 16k:
December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023 -16 euros
February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023 -20 euros
June 1, 2023 to July 15, 2023 - 25 euros

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3.2. Registration fee refund conditions

In case the athlete requests the cancellation of the registration due to reasons of force majeure, they should contact the organization to the following email: confrariatrotamontestrail@gmail.com

In case the athlete requests to change the registration for a shorter distance, there will be no refund of the difference.
Refunds will be made in the following periods:
- Until May 1, 2023: 50% of the fee will be refunded, only to those who made the payment in full.
- From May 2, 2023: no refunds.
- From June 10, 2023: the change of data/athlete will have a cost of 3 euros.

NOTE: There will be no registration transfer to 2024

3.3. Material included with registration

Elite Trail 100k; Ultra 65 km;Trail 31km e Mini-Trail 16k
- Supply points/PAC’s;
- Sports insurance (personal accidents);
- Technical t-shirt allusive of the race;
- Shower at the end;
- Finisher prize;
- Finish Meal 100km and 65km;
- Free Registration in 2024 to the winner (1st place) of every distance;

3.4. Registration limits

Elite Trail 100k – 250 athletes;
Ultra 65k – 250 athletes;
Trail 31 k – 500 athletes;
Mini-trail 16k – 250 athletes;

3.5. Secretariat / schedules and locations

The secretariat will operate at:
Decathlon Store Matosinhos
June,18 (Sunday) from 2:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (14h30 to 20h00);

Arouca High School Sports Hall with the following hours:
June,24 (Friday) from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (19h00 to 23h00);
June, 25 (Saturday) from 5:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. (5h00 to 8h30);


Date: June 24, 2023
Location: Arouca High School Sports Hall
Hours: Mini-Trail 16k - 11h30;
Trail 31k - 12h30;
Ultra Trail 65k - 17h00;
Elite Trail 100k - 21h00

4.1. Age categories, individual sex and team definitions

The age categories will be automatically defined according to the data made available by the participants at the time of enrolment, and taking into account the ATRP regulations.
There will be classification by age levels, according to the ATRP, and individual prizes according to the following table.
In the 4 races there will be offered prizes for the 3 best teams.
The team classification, will be attributed by the 3 best overall times.

General1st; 2nd; 3rd; 4th; 5thX---
15 to 17 years
1st; 2nd; 3rd--X
18 to 22 years
1st; 2nd; 3rdXXXX
23 to 39 years
1st; 2nd; 3rdXXXX
M/F 1
40 to 49 years
1st; 2nd; 3rdXXXX
M/F 2
50 to 59 years
1st; 2nd; 3rdXXXX
M/F 3
+ 60 years
1st; 2nd; 3rdXXXX

How to get to the event: Geographical coordinates (GPS): 40.92899,-8.251472


The organizer reserves the exclusive right to exploit the image of the Ultra Trail Serra da Freita event, as all the photographic and journalistic audio-visuals from the event. Any advertising project or media produced for publication must obtain the prior consent of the organization.

Acceptance of this regulation requires, obligatorily, that the participant authorizes the use of his / her image for the diffusion of the event in all its forms of communication (radio, print, video, photograph, posters, media, etc.) and that these may be used in a timeless manner in any advertising action, with the sole purpose of promoting and publicizing the event.

Also grants all rights to the commercial and advertising exploitation that it seems appropriate to perform, without the right of the athlete to receive any financial compensation.


By formalizing their registration, every participant authorizes the publication of their personal data, necessary for the conduct of the event either in the official lists, in the media and / or the internet, as well as their use for sending information regarding the event, including future editions.
Also authorizes that the collected images (photography or video) to be used in a timeless manner in any advertising action, with the sole purpose of promoting and publicizing the event.

Each participant is responsible for the veracity of the data provided in their registration, and is aware that these will be part of a file, of which Confraria Trotamontes will be responsible. The holder of the data will have right of access, rectification and cancellation as determined by Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Personal Data Protection Law.


When collecting the Athlete Kit, each participant will be asked for a Term of Responsibility, signed by the athlete, in which they will assume the following:
- That have read and accepted the present regulation of the event;
- That have the physical and psychological condition to participate in this type of event;
- That will adopt a socially responsible behavior, complying in an exemplary manner with the general measures issued by the DGS, during the race; these measures are in force on the date of the event.


These rules may be edited, changed or improved at any time by the organizer without prior notice. The fact that you sign up implies acceptance of this Regulation.


The organization may delay the event for a maximum of two hours, after which it can cancel the event, whenever it considers that there are no safety conditions for the athletes.
The event can also be canceled as long as it is decreed by civil protection, DGS or any other higher authority.
In case of cancellation there will be no refund of the registration fee.


The cases not covered by this regulation will be resolved by the organization, whose decision may not be appealed.
The organization reserves the right to modify this regulation until the date of the event.


The organization shall decide on all matters relating to the event which have not been subject to regulation or to misinterpretation of this Regulation.

Arouca, September 21, 2022

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